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A Diva for a Day May 10, 2014

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My friend Jenny nominated me for a day of beauty and relaxation through the program, Diva for a Day.  To nominate someone, simply fill out their online form here.  They are currently able to provide spa services to patients living in NJ, NY, OH, TX, and FL. The Skin Deep Salon and Spa donated a day of services.  I received a facial, massage, lunch, haircut, highlights, and makeup application.  The spa was excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the area.  I was not feeling particularly well that morning; I have been having a lot of pain in my right shoulder (referred from my liver), so I almost didn’t go.  I am so glad I did because it was a lovely day.

Although I’m not usually a huge fan of facials, the esthetician was great.  She was very gentle and friendly.  The heated table and warm towels she used to remove the various cleansers were really relaxing.

Next came the massage, which was really good. I asked her to focus on my neck and shoulders. I am always tense there, but the pain from the liver made it worse than usual. She also was especially good at massaging feet and then wrapped them in a warm towel. This warm towel thing is becoming a pattern. 😉

I had a nice pasta dish for lunch – it was yummy, but it also feels so luxurious to eat lunch in your bathrobe.
My hair was next; the highlights were well done, but a little more red than I wanted them. Since the whole day was free, I’m not complaining.

I finished the day with the makeup artist. I asked her just do something subtle. It was a Wednesday night and I had no plans for the evening. She showed me how to properly define eyebrows – a handy trick for a cancer patient.

As I left they gave me a lovely bouquet.


One Response to “A Diva for a Day”

  1. Aunt Cindy Says:

    You look so relaxed and beautiful!

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