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Lower dose May 1, 2014

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I went to see Dr T today to have her take a look at my mouth sores.  I was concerned that I might have thrush and/or a gum infection in addition to the mouth sores which would require different treatments.  She said that I have mouth sores on my tongue and gums, but no thrush or gum infection.  Sores on those areas just look different than the inside of the lip. Because I’ve started having trouble eating, we decided I should take a short break from the Afinitor and restart on 7.5 mg (instead of 10mg that I take now) when the sores heal.  She didn’t think that the lower dose would be less effective.  She also suggested I try an over the counter treatment for canker sores called Zilactin that creates a clear coating over the sores.  I’m also continuing the magic mouthwash, baking soda or salt rinses, lidocaine, and occasionally pain pills.  Oh and also my milkshake and Italian ice therapy, prescribed by me. 😉


6 Responses to “Lower dose”

  1. Robin Says:

    Sounds crazy but have you tried oral gel? Like the stuff you put on teething babies? We were at the dentist recently for my son and he suggested it for his huge and painful canker soars. I remember trying it on myself when he was a baby and was shocked at how strong it was…

    • Yes the lidocaine is similar to that but wears off in about 10 min. Yesterday I tried some anbesol paste which stayed on better and lasted longer. I had to order the Zilactin online but I think it is a long lasting version of orajel.

  2. I hope the sores will heal soon! So bad if you can’t eat and drink properly and you are in constant pain. I think the milkshake therapy is the best 🙂

  3. Aunt Amy Says:

    Hope your feeling better soon. xo

  4. Kathy Clarke Says:

    Over 10 years ago I woke up one morning with mouth sores and was in such severe pain I couldn’t talk, everything hurt because the mouth area is wet, you know what I mean. The doctor gave me this script for a mouthwash that would numb everything, not the best tasting but worked like a charm. I am sorry you are going through this but I think the Italian Ice and Milkshake meds will help you best in the long run. LOL. As always, praying for you morning, noon and night.

  5. Jennifer Gilbertson Says:

    Kathy Clarke, your advise sounds super–what a comfort it is to Karissa and her family and friends to know she has such super support and guidance from people who have experienced similar things to her.
    Karissa, Happy Belated Mother’s Day and Happy Early Birthday! Please check your e-mail today for a forthcoming msg from me asking for input on the best gift that Jay, the kids and I can give you in honor of your birthday next week.
    Love & hugs,
    ~~Jennifer & Family 🙂 =)

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