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Caught a bug April 8, 2014

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It seems that last week I caught something that was going around.  I was really sleepy Wednesday and Friday, and on Friday I got chills so I call my doctor.  She had me come in just to check my vitals and run blood work.  I did have a fever by the time I got there, but my white blood cell count was fine and I was not anemic.  Having both a fever and low white blood cell count can be very dangerous; it means a neutropenic fever where your body can’t fight the infection on its own and requires hospitalization and IV antibiotics, so I was happy to hear that I didn’t have that problem.  She also ran a metabolic panel including liver and kidney function tests and did some blood cultures to check for infection.  This was late Friday afternoon, so I haven’t got the results of those yet.  I brought my hospital bag just in case, but I was able to go home Friday with antibiotics and instructions to get lots of rest and have some soup.  By Saturday night I felt quite a bit better and today I just have a lingering cough.


8 Responses to “Caught a bug”

  1. It’s good you went to see a doctor. I am glad that it was probably just a bad cough and nothing very serious. Hope that spring will come soon so that the coughing season ends. Take care!

    • Thanks Diana, hope you are feeling good too.

      • Thanks, I feel very well (better than before I started Taxol). I will have my blood checked tomorrow morning to see if I can start the 3rd gift in a row. If so, next week will be my chemo holiday, it is a 4-week cycle.

        I am quite optimistic, because last week’s WBC were still 6, well above the limit of 3.

  2. Aunt Amy Says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  3. Kathy Clarke Says:

    I hope this finds you feeling better. I caught the stomach bug last week also. Kicked my butt – no pun intended. I didn’t go to Grandpa’s as to not share with everyone else. Unfortunately, Uncle Mike woke up with the lesser version on Sunday. I was out sick Fri/Monday from it and still don’t feel that great. Uncle Mike was out from it yesterday. Feel better and try to relax.

  4. Robin Says:

    Whatever going around is nasty. My son had pneumonia two weeks ago and the cold that started it is so strong he’s passed it to everyone in the family and my daughter and I are still suffering reminents of it 1.5 weeks later.

    Stay healthy we don’t want to hear about another hospital stay. I prefer to hear you are home healthy enjoying time with the boys. Hugs and hope you get better soon. Hope to see you in May!

  5. Jennifer Gilbertson Says:

    Ditto, Robin! Yes, Karissa, please spare us–more yourself, of course–from hearing of more hospital stays! Glad to hear that things didn’t get too serious and you appear to be on the mend already. Hang in there and enjoy the beginning sights of spring! Love & hugs, Jennifer & Family

  6. Aunt Cindy Says:

    Rest, Relax and feel better.

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