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Appt with Dr T March 28, 2014

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My appointment with Dr. T went well this week.  My blood pressure has started to come down to normal and my incisions from surgery are completely healed.  I’ve been on Afinitor for about a week and a half and my only side effects are mild stomach issues and a single mouth sore.  The mouth sore is really only a problem with very salty food.  She said to call if I get any more.  Blood work showed mildly elevated liver enzymes which I had already, so no liver or kidney problems from Afinitor.

My tumor marker is down about 15 points from the beginning of the month.  I don’t know if it means the Afinitor is working already or just that I’ve removed that golf ball sized tumor from my liver.

The cancer on the right side of my pelvis has begun causing some pain.  Earlier this month, Dr T prescribed me Ultram ER, a slow release long acting pain pill which caused the nausea and vomiting requiring an overnight stay at the hospital.  Obviously I won’t be taking that again.  We decided to try a short acting version of the same drug.   I’ve taken it a few times and have had trouble sleeping, but no nausea. Dr T said that at some point I would likely need radiation, but it would be up to me to decide when.  I’m a bit hesitant after the muscle damage I have on my left side.  If the Afinitor works well the bone pain may decrease or go away.  In the meantime, I’ll try to manage it with pain medication.


4 Responses to “Appt with Dr T”

  1. Clarke, Wilford E Says:

    Good to hear I guess. Hopefully the Afinitor is working ☺ Love, Dad

    Bill Clarke | Senior Director | Cloud Services | NTT DATA Inc | 410.353.9569 | Wilford.Clarke@nttdata.com

  2. Margie Says:

    Glad the tumor markers are down. Waiting for great news from the biopsy so they can find the right medications to cure all these problems. Love, Mom

  3. Aunt Cindy Says:

    Hope you find some help with the pain. Sending you a hug.

  4. Good news! It could be Afinitor, my marker went down from 194 to 145 in the first three weeks of Afinitor, I had a 6-months response. Afinitor works faster than hormonal therapy if you’re sensitive to it, so I would say that this decrease is a good sign!

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