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Improving slowly March 13, 2014

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Just a quick update.  I’ve been feeling a bit better each day, but I am still taking painkillers round the clock and having trouble getting in and out of bed and chairs.  This surgery was quite a bit more difficult than my previous laparoscopic one, probably because of the location.  The first night home I slept on one of those wedge pillows and getting out of bed was really hard.  Last night I was able to use my regular pillow.  I have been using my cane to give myself a boost out of bed.  I also have switched from two pain pills at a time to just one.  My mother in law or mom have been here since I got home from the hospital because we have needed lots of help.  I’ve been taking lots of afternoon naps.  Wednesday a few former coworkers brought lunch and we had a nice time.  Also while the kids haven’t shown me much mercy, they have been especially gentle near me.


5 Responses to “Improving slowly”

  1. Jennifer Dailey Says:

    Hanig in there! Glad you’re getting better one day at a time.

  2. Aunt Cindy Says:

    So sorry you are having a difficult time. Sending you hugs and love to brighten your day. Love you.

  3. Aunt Amy Says:

    Hope you get better quickly, send lots of love!

  4. Craig Says:

    I have not seen you at all this week and hope you doing well.

  5. Robin Says:

    You are so lucky to have so much family and support around you. Wish I could be there to help. I’m glad to see you are doing better and send healing thoughts and hugs. My husband and the kids send their best as well. Hope to see you on our July 4th trip. Miss you!

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