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Paperwork February 9, 2014

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So I mentioned in my last post that I had filled out the Social Security Disability application.  The online application took about 2 hours to complete, with lots of questions about my diagnosis and the various tests and treatments I’ve had.  Then a few days later I received two packets of paperwork to complete – a total of about 25 pages.  I had to think that the real purpose is to dissuade anyone who doesn’t REALLY need it.  One packet is all about my ability to do various physical and mental tasks.  The other is about the jobs I’ve had over the past 15 years, which means all the way back to 1999.  For the most recent 5 jobs they wanted lots of details about the hours, salary and things you did.   The last few on the list were tough; those were jobs I had in college or grad school.  All of them paid little (or were sometimes volunteer) and I often had two at a time.  Figuring out the timeline was tricky.  Luckily my computer expert husband had backed up my files from grad school and I was able to find a resume I wrote about 12 years ago that had most of the details.  Yikes!  I’d also like to point out the irony of the fact that the first packet asked questions about memory and concentration, then wanted you to recall details of things that happened 15 years ago…


The other paperwork I’ve been working on this week has been for my pension- direct deposit and tax witholdings.  I’ve also had a running list of daily calls I have to make on insurance issues, test results, appointments, etc.  Not working sure it hard work so far. 😉


And I’d just like to clarify that the boys were drinking HERBAL TEA, not wine from those sake cups.  Haha.


7 Responses to “Paperwork”

  1. It´s more complicated to stop working than to continue. Good luck with all the paper work. For a young person like you, these 15 years mean you´ll have to go back to grad school. Is your pension based on your average salary over those 15 years?

    • Thanks Diana! My pension is from my most recent employer and is based on an average salary at that employer. In the US we have social security disability which is based on how many years you have paid in taxes to the government, among other things.

  2. Margie Says:

    Did they send you the pension direct deposit or do you have to go online and do it?

  3. […] did do more cooking that I’ve been able to while I was working.  Of course as I described yesterday, most of my “free time” was spent doing paperwork.  For those of you who might be […]

  4. Martha Gonzalez Says:

    So is this a test– if you can complete the paperwork, then you’re fit to work?

  5. Michelle Says:

    Karissa, I found persistence pays —trust me I have been down this road a few times. They hope you will give up and won’t have to pay you. My advice is to make copies of the forms because they will “lose” them so copies will help. If you speak to anyone, keep a log and take down their full name and direct line. If possible use delivery confirmation to send out any paperwork to prove you sent them this material. Aside from that, let your drs know that you have completed the forms because they will contact your doctors for additional paperwork. if you are friendly with the dr’s gatekeepers, ask them to make copies of whatever they send as well.

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