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Cancer center christmas party December 20, 2013

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Each year the Steeplechase Cancer Center and the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office throw a Christmas party for children whose parents are being treated for cancer.  The prosecutor’s office employees purchase gifts for each of the children and Santa arrives on a SWAT truck.  It’s always a fun event, but it was extra fun this year since the women from my support group were there with their kids.  We’ve had a few playdates, so the kids are good buddies now.  I think that it has helped them to know that there are other kids in the same situation. 


Visiting with Santa.



Having a little snack.




4 Responses to “Cancer center christmas party”

  1. Jennifer Gilbertson Says:

    Very cute! Glad you were able to participate before leaving town. BTW, the package we mailed to you on Tuesday is showing as “Out For Delivery” right now. Can you drop me an e-mail when you receive it and open it? I really wanted you to take the contents with you on your trip–thanks! Love, Jennifer

  2. What a wonderful event! Good to hear your sons have buddies with mothers in a similar situation.

  3. Margie Says:

    So what did they get in their presents?

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