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Options for hair loss November 27, 2013

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My sister-in-law recently asked me for information on hair loss for a friend of hers that was diagnosed with cancer.  I thought this information might be useful to others too.  There are of course many options, but I’m sharing a few of the simplest and inexpensive ones.

These are two companies that make easy and comfortable chemo caps.  No fancy tying required.  Both companies sell from their own website and Amazon.com.

Chemo Beanies
Turban Plus Abbey Caps
In terms of scarves, the best are 36″ square scarves of a soft material.  You can get these at any department store (or convince your sister to bring you one from Paris like I did 😉 ).  This link has some info on how to tie them: Scarf Tying Guide
Wigs can be a great option too and are often covered by insurance if a doctor writes a prescription for a “cranial prosthesis”.  I think the baseball cap/wig combo option is nice and is available in different lengths and hair colors:
Baseball cap with attached wig
Please share this with anyone who might need it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


4 Responses to “Options for hair loss”

  1. Have a great Thanksgiving! Love you!

  2. Jennifer Gilbertson Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Karissa. It reminded me that I needed to resend your e-mail to my friend since I had an old address. I have successfully sent it now and I am glad that my message may now help some of your friends, too. You are a super swift gal! Love, Jennifer 🙂

  3. kymlucas Says:

    Not sure if it will be of any help or consolation, but I did a blog post called “Options for a No Hair Day,” that links to directions for making a nice soft head wrap from an old t-shirt. Here’s the link, if you think your friend might be interested. http://wp.me/pMOn5-oy Since I was in treatment in the summer, I wore baseball caps more than anything, but once I went back to work, it was fun experimenting with cheap brightly colored wigs — and I do mean bright! I wore cotton candy pink, black and blue, and magenta. I work in a library, and the patrons seemed to really enjoy the variety of hair colors.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Karissa! Thanks for sharing the different options for no hair times.

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