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Ms. August September 13, 2013

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This weekend is the photo shoot for the Hair to Share calendar.  Three of my friends from the Young Women’s Cancer Support Group will also be featured in the calendar.  The theme for this year’s calendar is “Timeless and Beautiful” and all the models will be wearing black clothes and wigs.  My outfit is a black top and skirt and I’ll be Ms. August.  🙂  Hahaha. I hope to have a picture to share with you next week.


This week’s chemo infusion went well.  I opted not to get the steroids again, and I had no nausea afterward.  Next week I get a break – no chemo, just my Xgeva (bone shot).


My hip is still rather painful.  I’ve been going to physical therapy twice a week.  Each session is about an hour or so and includes a 5 min warmup on the exercise bike, 30 reps on the leg press machine, 5 or 6 different painful stretches, and then the therapist stretches my leg for me.  I have definitely been extra tired (and cranky) and realized that there is no way I can do 3 times a week.  Hard to say yet whether it is helping.  My hip/leg does feel better immediately afterward, but I’ve still been needing pain meds.  The pain is not intense, but it is constant and seems to sneak up on me.  After a month or so, I’ll talk with the doctor to reevaluate whether this is helping.


4 Responses to “Ms. August”

  1. Aunt Amy Says:

    I can’t wait to see your modeling pics!

  2. Aunt Cindy Says:

    unfortunately physical therapy always feels worse first until it feels better. hope you find relief soon.

  3. LazyHero Says:

    I think you mean MRS. August darling!

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