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Chemo and first day of school September 4, 2013

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First day of school today for both boys.  Ryan was a little sad when we left but when grandma picked him up he said that he had fun and made some friends. 

Mike is with me today for chemo.  My counts are good.  Today I’ll get a blood test for tumor markers to see how well the Halaven is working.  We should get the result on Friday.  I had a tough time over the weekend with side effects from last week’s steroids, so we are going to hold off on the decadron today.  I had painful swelling all over my body, so I don’t want that again.

I also asked Dr. T about travelling and how we would handle my chemo schedule.  She said we could work around it, just delay treatment or I could get treatment while I’m away.  I might consider that when I visit my sister for the holidays.

Having a romantic PB&J picnic with my husband as I wait to get set up for chemo.


11 Responses to “Chemo and first day of school”

  1. Kathy Clarke Says:

    All in all it sounds like a good day – of course, the romantic pb&j picnic takes the cake! As always, you all are in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Sounds like a not too bad day. Big change for the boys, back to school again. Hope your marker decreased.

    Picknick sounds nice, but what’s pb&j? Sorry, I am a foreigner 🙂

  3. The boys look great and I’m sure did excellent on their first day. Your youngest is very intelligent and I’m sure he will excel.

    Hope I didn’t wear you out too much this weekend. We had a great time and the kids wanted to go back 😦 Next time!

  4. Jennifer Gilbertson Says:

    Thanks for the update, Karissa. It’s great to see the photo of the boys on their first day of school! Our kids have been in school for 2 weeks now, but we are just beginning all of their after school activities this week. Yesterday it was soccer for Aiden (AND riding his brand new, gear-operated bike!), today it’s gymnastics for April. Tomorrow it’s gymnastics for Amber and I’m having April try a ballet class with one of her friends. Unfortunately for me, they both run about the same time, so I will spend more time on the roads back-and-forth between the 2 different locations and less time watching. Our kids have off from school tomorrow and I’m thinking of treating them to some time at Adventure Park to run the Go Karts and enjoy some other carnival-style rides. I’m so glad Mike was able to keep you company today and that you got to enjoy lunch together. Simple and sweet. Simply sweet. Love & hugs, Jennifer & Jay

  5. Aunt Amy Says:

    Looks like some of the outfits Jesse & Evan used to wear when they were little..lol!

  6. Margie Says:

    Don’t you think Mike deserves more than pb& j? I got Subway! Ask Ethan if he finished his 1st grade math yet – I found some good chapter books that the G&T teacher was getting rid of. They’re even new. Let me know if you need any help. Love, Mom

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