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Cancer freebies from Sharsharet August 21, 2013

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I recently came across an organization called Sharsharet, that has some excellent resources for women with breast cancer.  The organization has a specific focus on Jewish women, a subset of whom have much higher than average risk for breast cancer, but they provide services to all women.  I spoke with a social worker who asked some basic questions, created a custom packet of information and useful items for us, and then offered to provide over the phone counseling if I needed someone to talk to.  A few days later we received this in the mail:


A “busy box” filled with toys, puzzles, and craft items so the kids have something to do when I’m not feeling my best.  Ethan really likes the Lunar Lockout logic game.



A beautiful children’s book for kids who have a parent with cancer.



A resource packet with various brochures and DVDs, specifically geared to young women with small children, with pamplets for my mom and husband too.



A makeup kit that included eyebrow stencils (pretty cool if you need them).



2 Responses to “Cancer freebies from Sharsharet”

  1. What a great resource! I particularly like the make up. Nothing can change a verging on bad day faster than dressing up and looking pretty.

    I also really like the resource for the husband. I recently read an article written by a woman who had a preventative double mastectomy. She talked about how her husband was fighting the same battle and muorned the loss just as much as her, but he did it without the support because he’s the caretaker.

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