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MRI results in August 15, 2013

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The doctor called this morning with my MRI results.  He said my hip bone looks the same, or maybe a bit better compared to my last scan.  I do definitely have swelling in the muscles around my hip which is causing my pain.  He recommended steroids to decrease the swelling.  I already get a small dose of steroids (Decadron 10mg) with my chemo infusions, so he suggested I wait until after next week’s infusion, then start taking Prednisone (in pill form) the following day for a few days.  If the steroids don’t work, I may just need to stick it out until the swelling goes down on its own.  So watch out for my ‘roid rage next week!


2 Responses to “MRI results in”

  1. Jennifer Gilbertson Says:

    Thanks for sharing the results and a plan, Karissa. Glad to know your suspicions were validated and that there’s a remedy within reach shortly.



    Love & hugs,
    ~~Jennifer And Family 🙂 =)

  2. Aunt Cindy Says:

    So happy that your hip scan looked the same or better. Hope the swelling goes down soon. Sending love!

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