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WordPress Stats August 12, 2013

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A few of the people reading this also have blogs on WordPress, so you’ll already know this, but for everyone else..the site hosting this blog collects various statistics about the blog and how it’s viewed.  It shows the number of visitors and number of clicks on various pages each day and also what search terms people used that led them here, among other things.  So I can check the stats page and know how many people have seen a post (only if they actually go to the site, not just reading the email) even if no one comments.  Not to creep you out or anything, it doesn’t show *who* viewed it, just how many people – just explaining how it works.  Anyway, I see some odd search terms come up now and then.  There is a page that shows all the search terms since the blog was started last year.  And it turns out that the most common search terms have to do with cats wearing socks.  Remember this post?  Yes, that’s right, completely unrelated to cancer.  But I am glad to help provide the world with the picture of an adorable cat wearing socks.  Most of the other search terms have to do with cancer and the various treatments I’ve had.  But there are a few other oddballs like “ninjago anemia”, “woohoo tumor”, and “needle shots on the butt.”  Pretty weird, right?


3 Responses to “WordPress Stats”

  1. Kathy Clarke Says:

    Very weird! Have a great day!

  2. Aunt Amy Says:

    I promise, I’m not just reading the cat posts! lol!

  3. People are weird. I saw a great quote once. When someone was asked what would you tell some who was visiting the from the past, he replied “We have machines so small they fit in our pocket yet so powerful we can find out an information you want in an instance, and we use them to look at at videos of cats.”

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