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Baseball cap wig August 1, 2013

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I have to say this is an awesome invention.  Kids think it’s pretty cool too.


I’ll probably wear it in a braid or ponytail most of the time.


8 Responses to “Baseball cap wig”

  1. Shawna Says:

    Rockin’ the long tresses. Very cool!

  2. Wow! You look amazing with long hair! I love it!

  3. Michelle Says:

    It’s super cool plus you look great in a baseball cap with long hair. I’m sorry that I’ve missed your earlier posts. I hope that chemo is going, well, as well as can be. I would love to see the boys and you —let me know if you need some babysitting services (I’m ok for nights and weekends). sending my love.

  4. Margie Says:

    Cute! It looks nice long or with the braid in the back. No one would know – of course, unless you wear it with a formal gown or something – and then they would think you have no style; are making a new style; or weird. 🙂

  5. Aunt Cindy Says:

    Really love the braid!

  6. Aunt Amy Says:

    Looks adorable!

  7. Sara Says:

    Cute:). And your fridge looks amazing too!

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