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Chemo, 2nd cycle 2nd dose July 31, 2013

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Just getting started with chemo.  Feeling fine.  My Aunt Cindy is here with me today and Uncle Joe and my mom are watching the boys.  After I finish up with chemo, I’m going to pick up my wig.

We’ve had some excitement at home yesterday and today.  Yesterday afternoon a baby parakeet flew into the yard.  Ethan really wanted to keep it, but we called animal control to come get it.   Checkout Facebook if you want to see a picture.  Then last night I accidentally washed one of Ryan’s pull up disposable training pants.  The entire washer was full of sticky goo.  So my aunt and I spent a good half hour cleaning up the mess this morning.  Wow.  Sitting here at chemo is like taking a rest!


6 Responses to “Chemo, 2nd cycle 2nd dose”

  1. Kathy Clarke Says:

    The question now is, if someone doesn’t claim the parakeet are you going to adopt it? LOL Glad to see all is going well except of course for the goo in the washer. Keep the faith – our prayers are with you and your family daily!

  2. Oh no! Those pull ups have those horrible absorbant crystals! I had one rip open on me once and it was not pretty. I can’t imagine washing one. 😦

  3. Aunt Cindy Says:

    Thanks for letting me share that time with you. Next time you need to eat sooner or bring a smaller lunch! And from now on I am going to check very carefully for diapers in the wash. What a mess! Love you.

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