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Sweet artwork from my nieces and nephew July 15, 2013

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Came home from work today to find these lovely collages from my nieces and nephews.  Also nice notes from my sister-in-law and my oldest niece (who wrote hers in perfect cursive).  Great way to end the Monday workday.

I have been feeling really good this week.  Mostly normal or what is normal for me.  Haha.  This is my off week, so I get a little break from chemo.   No changes in my hair yet. Tomorrow is day 14 of the cycle though which is when my doctor said hair loss might start if it is going to.


3 Responses to “Sweet artwork from my nieces and nephew”

  1. Aunt Cindy Says:

    What a nice surprise! Glad you are feeling fine.

  2. Jennifer Gilbertson Says:

    Karissa, It was *our pleasure* to be crafty for you and it really is the least we can do right now. I will be thinking of you today on your “day 14” and will e-mail you soon regarding setting up a weekend visit with you and the family in NJ. With much love and hugs, Jennifer & Family

  3. Jennifer Gilbertson Says:

    Hey Karissa, I sent you an e-mail asking for your feedback on the best weekends for you to have us come up and visit. Can you e-mail me back your thoughts within the next day? I am considering making plans with a friend on Sat. 7/27, but I have not yet committed to that since I’m waiting to see if that’s a preferred weekend for you. Thanks!

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