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Halaven 2nd infusion July 10, 2013

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I’m getting my second infusion of Halaven today.  My blood counts were good and I’m waiting to get hooked up to the IV now.  I’m going to try taking the steroids today to see if it changes anything in terms of side effects.  I also spoke with my nurse care manager from the insurance company this morning (she calls every few weeks to check on me) and she recommended I try Percocet for the flu like body aches.

No change yet in terms of my hair.  I cancelled a haircut appointment I had scheduled for next week, figured I would wait and see what happened. My hairdresser suggested I cut my hair short, but I decided not to.  Seems like a waste.  If it doesn’t fall out I want to keep it long and if it does fall out I’ll just have Mike cut it for me.  I also plan on getting a cap to wear when I’m sleeping just in case I lose any hair during the night.  Last time that happened poor Mike got covered in hair. 😦


6 Responses to “Halaven 2nd infusion”

  1. Jennifer Gilbertson Says:

    You are in our thoughts, Karissa! With much love & hugs, Jennifer & Family

  2. Kathy Clarke Says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Margie Says:

    Hopefully, you don’t lose your hair, but, thanks Mike, that you will cut it if necessary. It was tramautic enough watching last time. Glad your blood count is OK. Love, Mom

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