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Another doctor visit June 11, 2013

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So today I was back at the doctor again.  I started having trouble breathing while lying down on Sunday night.  I called right away Monday morning and was told to get a chest x-ray.  The x-ray was fine – I do still have a nodule in my left lung, but that is nothing new.  This morning I had a visit with my doctor and she listened to my heart and lungs and did a full exam but didn’t find anything wrong.  They did a quick check and found that my oxygen levels were slightly lower when I was lying down compared to standing or walking.  At this point it’s unclear what is wrong.  They have so far decided it is not fluid in or around the lungs, pneumonia, large tumors, or asthma.  Friday I’ll have a CT scan and also a MUGA scan – it’s a nuclear test that measures the percentage of blood that passes through your heart in a certain amount of time.  One of the chemo drugs I had three years ago is known to decrease the efficiency of the heart at pumping blood.  I’ve had this test twice before (both before and after my chemo in 2009/2010), and the second test showed a small decrease in efficiency, but nothing that could cause a real problem.

So we’ll see.  For the moment I am trying to sleep propped up and back on Ativan at night again.   I am mostly OK during the day, but do have a bit of trouble with exertion. And I was finally starting to get back to normal, or whatever normal looks like for me… Ugh.


6 Responses to “Another doctor visit”

  1. Pam Says:

    Karissa, sounds like your last word sums it up. Sending some love your way. You’re in my thoughts!!! – Pam

  2. Jennifer Gilbertson Says:

    Karissa, You are so on top of things that it’s hard to believe that you are *still* climbing the mountain! But remember you are in our thoughts and that we are here for you anytime. Is there a special pillow that we can buy for you to make you more comfortable? Love & hugs, Jennifer & Family

  3. Aunt Cindy Says:

    I have a wedge pillow that keeps your head up. It is pretty comfortable. I can send it down for you to try if you like. Just let me know. Always love your way.

  4. Amy Says:

    I wish you the best and will be thinking of you. I have Fridays off for the rest of the summer if you need me.

  5. Clarke, Wilford E Says:

    Dear Karissa –

    Sorry to hear that, and sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner – my laptop got fried and I have finally figured out how to get to my email using Tina’s house PC.

    We’ll be thinking of you…


    Dad & Tina


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