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Young Survivors Group May 25, 2013

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We had our first meeting of the Young Survivors Group at Steeplechase last week.  There were two other survivors plus our facilitator.  It’s probably always going to be a small group, but we figured it was better to just get it going.  The group is open to survivors of all cancer types and stages who are under age 40 or 45.  We plan to have some support group type meetings where we talk about cancer in general as well as how it effects life as far as parenting, marriage/dating, working, finances, etc.  We are also hoping to have some more social events like getting together for dinner with spouses and kids.  Of all the support groups I’ve been to so far, this one has been the best fit.  The two other women who attended have kids the same age and live only a few miles from me.  We’ll be meeting again in a few weeks for a formal group session, but plan on meeting for coffee or playdates too.  I am working on a flyer for the group; if you know anyone who might be interested, let me know and I can give you the meeting time/place.


4 Responses to “Young Survivors Group”

  1. Aunt Cindy Says:

    Proud of you for taking on this task!

  2. Margie Says:

    It’s a great idea! The more people I talk to, the more I hear about young people getting cancer. You are helping so many with your blog, ideas, and attitude. Plus you’re my daughter and I love you so much! Love, Mom

  3. Becca Says:

    Way to go, m’dear!

  4. Thank you all. My doctor calls me a “founding member” of the club. Haha. We should have a 4th member at the next meeting.

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