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MRI today May 2, 2013

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Got an MRI of my left hip today to see what’s happening there.  I got jabbed just twice today.  Here’s my supercool bandage to prove it.


The MRI machine is really loud and makes a lot of people anxious, so the tech offered me headphones with music.  He put on please-don’t-have-a-panic-attack Enya.  The machine was kind of enough to provide the percussion section with noises that sounded like car horns and video game machine guns.  Lovely.  For a hip scan they also put a foam block between your feet, a blanket over you, then duct tape around your feet to hold them together.  That sounds crazy but is so much easier than trying to hold your legs in an odd position for 45 min.  The radiologist was reading the scan as I left, so I think I should have the results tomorrow.


3 Responses to “MRI today”

  1. Sara Says:

    That is a cool band-aid. The description of the MRI pose reminded me of a mermaid. All you need is a red flowing wig and you could be a Disney princess.

  2. Becca Says:

    Nice. They should have played Paula Cole – would have gone better with the background percussion. Loving the purple bandage – is it wrong of me if I mention that my puppy got a similar bandage when she had a booboo? 🙂

  3. Mom Says:

    Let’s hope they find out what’s wrong but you get good results. Nice color purple – I bet the boys will want bandages like that now!

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