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Doctor’s appointment today April 26, 2013

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Today I got the results from my CT scan.  Compared to my September scan, this one showed marked improvement in the liver, some improvement in the lungs, and no change in the bones.  This is all very good news.  I am still having pain in my hip so we are trying to figure out why.  My doctor thinks the two cancerous lesions on my pelvic bone are not enough to cause pain.  I’ll be having an MRI next Thursday so we can get a better look at the pelvic/hip bones.  We have to check for bone lesions that didn’t show on the CT or any nerve or disc kind of problems.  Since my last scan was about six months ago, I am wondering whether the bones were improving for awhile and then got worse again.   I feel pretty certain that the pain is not a nerve or muscle thing, you could say I feel it in my bones, terrible pun intended.  For now I’ll go back to my Xeloda routine and manage the pain with a combination of naprosyn and percocet.    After the MRI well decide to stick with Xeloda at the current dose or a higher one, switch to a new chemo, or get radiation.  I am also thinking about looking for a pain management or palliative care doctor to work with me on the pain and fatigue issues.


One Response to “Doctor’s appointment today”

  1. Great news! I think a pain management doctor is a great idea. Your am amazing woman and so brave. Keep it up!

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