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My life with metastatic breast cancer

Madame Tussaud’s April 30, 2013

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We had a fun trip to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in New York this weekend.  Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Picture 037

Rolling, rolling on a river. Seeing Tina made me think of my Poppy. He really liked her.


Picture 018

The Obamas.



Picture 026

New career?



Picture 015

Here’s Mike deep in thought. Should I go with the pesto or gnocci for lunch? Hmmm..


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Tumor marker tiny bit higher April 29, 2013

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So my tumor marker is in and a tiny bit higher than last time, up to 99.0 (difference of 1.3).  Probably not significant really and it’s been a crazy few weeks with an extra week chemo break and lower dose.  I’ll be watching it carefully over the next few months.

Had to take my Percocet a few times this weekend, though I did do a bit of walking in NYC.  I’m feeling better than I expected.

After reading the warning label on that drug I chickened out.  Maybe on a weekend if I really need it.  I figured out last night that the Ativan or withdrawl from it might cause nightmares, so last night I tried a half dose and that seemed better.  I’ll probably stick with that for about a week and then try to go without it and see how I do.

MRI on Thursday morning, then this weekend I’m going to Florida to spend some quality time with my sister. 🙂 🙂


Side effects April 28, 2013

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My doctor gave me a new prescription to help me sleep.  We’ve had a busy weekend, so Mike just picked it up this afternoon for me.  I’m reading through the side effects like always when I came across this warning “Some patients taking this medicine have performed certain activities when they were not fully awake.  These have included sleep-driving, making and eating food, and making phone calls.”


Doctor’s appointment today April 26, 2013

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Today I got the results from my CT scan.  Compared to my September scan, this one showed marked improvement in the liver, some improvement in the lungs, and no change in the bones.  This is all very good news.  I am still having pain in my hip so we are trying to figure out why.  My doctor thinks the two cancerous lesions on my pelvic bone are not enough to cause pain.  I’ll be having an MRI next Thursday so we can get a better look at the pelvic/hip bones.  We have to check for bone lesions that didn’t show on the CT or any nerve or disc kind of problems.  Since my last scan was about six months ago, I am wondering whether the bones were improving for awhile and then got worse again.   I feel pretty certain that the pain is not a nerve or muscle thing, you could say I feel it in my bones, terrible pun intended.  For now I’ll go back to my Xeloda routine and manage the pain with a combination of naprosyn and percocet.    After the MRI well decide to stick with Xeloda at the current dose or a higher one, switch to a new chemo, or get radiation.  I am also thinking about looking for a pain management or palliative care doctor to work with me on the pain and fatigue issues.


Sorry about that empty post… April 25, 2013

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What I wanted to say was that the doctor left me a message that my CT results were good.  Marked decrease in liver mets and no progression in bone.  I still have an appointment for tomorrow to talk about the hip pain, but maybe I just did too much dancing.


Nice quiet anniversary dinner with my hubby.  Saturday we are going to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum (yes, we are weird) and lunch in the city.  I made a really neat video for Mike with old photos, but I can’t get it uploaded, maybe tomorrow.


With my superhero husband April 24, 2013

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Scan day

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Getting my CT scan this morning.  Mike made me pretend to chug the contrast before he took the picture.  This is the new one called oral omnipaque.  It has no flavor, just like drinking water.  I already drank the first bottle, have to drink another one in a few minutes.

Last night I talked with my doctor (she was on vacation last week) about how I’ve been doing. She also ordered a hip x-ray in addition to the CT scan so I’ll be having both today.  I have an appointment with her for Friday morning and hopefully we’ll have the test results by then.  She said we would talk Friday about what the next plan might be.


Hip pain April 19, 2013

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A mini-update.  I’ve been having some hip pain for the past week or so.  Last weekend I did a little more activity than usual, but nothing crazy.  Saturday the hip pain got bad, it tapered off a little since then, but has still been enough to make it hard to sleep.  The pain is coming from the left side of my pelvic bone (not actually the joint), then goes down to my left knee and across my lower back.  So yesterday I called the doctor.  I’ve got a prescription for Percocet and CT scans scheduled for next Wednesday. I did take the Percocet last night and it helped a lot.  We’ll have to see what the scans look like and I’ll have another appointment with the doctor, but I have a feeling it’s going to be tricky to figure out what to do since I’ve recently decreased my dose of Xeloda and taken an extra week break between cycles.  Hopefully my doctor will be able to sort this all out, we will just have to see how things go.


Massive decluttering April 13, 2013

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My mom and sister helped us do a massive sort through the kids clothes and toys today. Mike brought about 10 giant storage containers from the attic. We loaded up my mom’s car with bags of old clothes to go to charity and toys for my aunt’s yard sale. Then Mike hauled boxes of clothes that are too small for Ethan but too big for Ryan back up to the attic. Now we are all exhausted.


Life with metastatic breast cancer – one year in April 12, 2013

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Today marks one year since my diagnosis with stage IV breast cancer.  It has been a bit tough at times, so thanks to all of you for following along with me and helping me stay positive.  Here’s a recap:

Cancer Treatments

  • 5 radiation sessions to left hip
  • laparoscopic surgery
  • 3 months of Femara (hormone pill)
  • 2 months of Faslodex (hormone shot)
  • 12 months of Xgeva (bone building shot)
  • 6 months of Xeloda (chemotherapy pill)


  • Hip x-ray
  • Bone scan
  • 2 MRIs
  • PET scan
  • Liver biopsy 😦 😦
  • 3 CT scans
  • 12 blood tests

Not even going to list the side effects of all of this.  That would be super depressing.

But here are jusr a few of the POSITIVE things that happened this year:

Spent lots of time with my super husband and my two little guys, held three new babies (then gave them right back to their moms), went hiking several times, took trips to Florida, Denver, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Jersey shore, watched Ethan learn to read and subtract, signed Ryan up for preschool, spa day with two of my best buddies, hosted Star Wars and costume themed birthday parties for the boys, saw my sister and my dad more than usual, re-learned to ride a bike, went to two weddings, played lots of board games with Ethan, learned to play Magic cards with my husband, got my hair highlighted (and still had hair to highlight), took lots of naps, started blogging, got my upstairs bathroom looking less shameful, had a yard sale and got rid of a ton of junk, baked christmas cookies with the boys, did some sewing with Ethan, and lots more.