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Denver trip was great March 25, 2013

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Many of you may have already seen my updates and photos from Facebook, but last week I went to Denver for a work conference.  Mike joined me on Thursday – Sunday for a long weekend.  We had a great time hiking, eating exotic foods, visiting the Buffalo Bill museum, and getting some much needed rest.  I was a bit worried about the altitude and how this would effect the swelling in my hands, feet, and left arm as well as my breathing, but after the first day it wasn’t much of a problem.  We did take frequent breaks during the hike to rest though.  Luckily there was great scenery.  A few of my favorite photos:

Denver 050

Had to take a break at the top of these steps!

Denver 060

At Lookout Mountain.

Denver 025

Enjoying our hike.

Denver 067

Cowboy Mike with Buffalo Bill.

You can see more photos on my Facebook album by clicking HERE (you don’t have to have a Facebook ID).


Tumor markers down another 14 points March 8, 2013

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Blood work from Wednesday is in.  My tumor markers are down another 14 points, from 113 to 99.  LIver function tests are good too.  Good news.  Not sure how low the tumor markers might go, but under 35 is considered normal.  Nice to see them in the double digits though. 🙂


No more nasty stuff to drink March 6, 2013

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Thinking I might be having scans soon, I called my favorite cat scan technician (what, you don’t have a favorite cat scan technician?) earlier this week to talk about how to make the scanning prep less unpleasant.  Typically I have to fast after midnight and drink two HUGE bottles of redi-cat; a chalky liquid barium drink that’s pina colada flavored.   Not coincidentally, I will never drink a pina colada again. Anyway the stuff is gross and usually makes me dehydrated and gives me a stomach ache.  Once I get dehydrated they have a hard time getting an IV started for the dye used in the scan.  That’s when I become a human pincushion.  This would all be OK for a one time deal but every 3 -6 months I have to do this.  Just giving you the backstory so you understand why I was SUPER excited to find out they now have something called oral omni which is mixed with water and is flavorless.  I just have to hang out in the waiting room for an hour and a half sipping ice water.  SO much easier.  Yay!


March doctor visit

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Today’s doctor’s appointment was relatively uneventful, always a good thing.  Dr T says my bloodwork from the last few months looks good, things moving in the right direction.  I continue to have mild hand and foot problems, mouth sores, and annoying fatigue.  Her only suggestion for the fatigue was to exercise more.  Hopefully as the weather gets warmer, that will be easier.  Though as I type this we are expecting a snowstorm. :-0. I am going to try to make sure I get a little more protein in my diet too.  (If you’ve got a high protein vegetarian recipe send it my way.)

We also discussed the possibility of a new drug in clinical trials called tesetaxel.  It’s currently available in NYC at Memorial Sloan Kettering.  It’s a pill form of a chemo drug called Taxol.  Taxol is not new, but it is usually given via infusion which means weekly trips to the doctors office and being hooked up to an IV for about an hour.  I love that my current chemo is available as a pill, so much easier for me.  Tesetaxel most likely has some not so fun side effects similar to the IV version but the convenience factor is pretty cool.  Dr T says that its definitely a possibility but “down the road a bit.”  I’m hoping they make more drugs available this way.  I’m just too busy to be tied down.  Haha. 😉

Blood test results later this week.


Might as well have some fun March 4, 2013

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My new compression sleeve. Blue and white tie-dye.