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Good test results January 11, 2013

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My blood test results look good.  Tumor marker is still on the decline; 146 this month (last month was 173) even with my reduced dose of Xeloda.  My liver function tests are also back in the normal range which is great.

Thanks to everyone who commented, emailed, and called this week.  I really appreciate all the support.  Most of the time I have a positive attitude, but every now and then it gets a bit overwhelming.  To be expected.  I’m so lucky to have all of you rooting for me.  Have a great day!


6 Responses to “Good test results”

  1. Clarke, Wilford E Says:

    Excellent news!

    Have a great weekend Love Dad @ Tina

  2. Amy Says:

    Great news!!! Love, Aunt Amy

  3. Kathy Clarke Says:

    What great news – the prayers and meds are working – keep up the good work! Life can be overwhelming at times and you are given the double whammy, so relax and think positive, you are entitled to a little “down” time once in awhile.

  4. whoopsiemom Says:

    Great news!!!!! Wow!!!

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  5. Pam Says:

    Awesome news!!!!

  6. Aunt Cindy Says:

    so happy for you!

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