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Doctor’s appt today January 9, 2013

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I had my usual monthly checkup today.  I am having some joint pain, but my doctor says maybe it’s just arthritis.  I was having bloodwork done anyway, so we’ll check the tumor markers just to make sure it’s not the bone mets acting up again.  I’m only suspicious because my left hip is giving me trouble and that was a problem spot before.  I’ll probably get those results in on Friday.  She said that she’s pleased with my response to the Xeloda so far and that things are moving in the right direction.


I gained a few more pounds, which isn’t a big deal, but it does mean I’ve have to get started on some kind of exercise routine.  I cancelled my gym membership last summer and I haven’t really done any consistent exercise since then.  I’m definitely going to try biking when the weather cooperates, but I’ll need an indoor activity too.  Might be elliptical.  Anyone have any good ideas?  I can’t really handle aerobics anymore which has always been my favorite.


My doctor also suggested that I try two of the support groups at the Cancer Support Community – Kids Connect/Parents Connect and the Advanced Breast Cancer group.  The kids group is for kids whose parents have cancer.  They have separate kid and parent groups that happen at the same time.  I knew about both of these, but have been a bit reluctant to go.  Fitting these kind of things into our family schedule is tricky.  I didn’t want to put Ethan in the kids group too soon because at this point his life hasn’t been disrupted much, but the doctor said it would be better for him to get comfortable with it before he really needs the support.  I haven’t gone to the breast cancer group because I wasn’t sure if I was ready.  I participate in a similar group that is online, but it’s a whole different thing to actually meet people face to face.  Sometimes I feel like I have too much to deal with on my own and meeting people with similar problems will just be too much to handle.  I’ve also been working with the cancer center’s social worker to set up a group for young people with cancer of any type.  They are trying to find someone to run the group, but it would deal with issues unique to younger survivors like marriage/dating, parenting, body image, etc.


Look for another update later this week.


7 Responses to “Doctor’s appt today”

  1. Aunt Amy Says:

    I like the Gazelle (when I use it!)

  2. Margie Says:

    Karissa, You need to do what is comfortable for you. You have plenty of knowledge about this disease and lots of people who love you and are there to listen to you – not to mention a job and 2 active sons and a husband. It’s good to know that the group is there if you need it, but, as you said before, many of the women were older. As for the boys, I wouldn’t push them into the support group, unless you feel they really need it. Children are so sensitive and they worry a lot. I think you have been handling this situation just fine by letting them know what they need to know at the time. Love, Mom

  3. whoopsiemom Says:

    I loved reding your posts about your closet organization!!! Feeling inspired to do the same, so I cleaned out my closet! Now I just need to go to the Goodwill and donate!!!

    You really look great!! As a mom it is hard to even comb my hair in the AM, lol!!!

    I like the elliptical but I have been wanting to try Zumba! I used to like the stationary bike too. I I ever actually make it to Zumba ill let you know how it goes…I have tried watching the YouTube videos and copying them. It’s not pretty lol, but it’s fun

    What a heavy decision about which cancer group to join/ or not to join. You are doing so well to be such a great mom and also have to make these big decisions.

    Please know we support and love you!


  4. Sara Says:

    Do you have Wii fit board? They have some low-impact activities that will still get you a workout, like a kick boxing/punching exercise and step class. You can create the workout to include what you want and for how long. It also has balance games, hula hoop, etc. that you can mix in there to keep it fun. And… You don’t have to leave your living room. 🙂

  5. Becca Says:

    So funny. I was going to propose the wii fit too. But if you don’t have that, you can probably get a shadow boxing DVD from Target. It’s easy to adapt to whatever level feels good to you. I might talk to my NJ trainer, too, she if she has ideas. She is ever adaptive to anyone’s needs. For your bike, there are stands you can get so that an outdoor bike behaves like an indoor bike. Something to consider.

    The support groups – that is a tough one. I imagine seeing people in stages of the disease that you don’t want to be in is part of what makes it a tough call. My aunt once told me that when my mother had to make that call for us (when my dad had cancer), she did it when we kids were preoccupied by questions that she no longer really knew how to answer. Maybe that helps for your decision. It’s kind of a personal one, though. I think you do what’s right for you and what you think is right for them.


  6. Aunt Cindy Says:

    Good luck with your results. Maybe some swim trekking classes. It is easy on your joints and you can do as little or as much as you want.

  7. Sonya S. Says:

    I’m struggling, too, to find something that’s low impact for my joints, but heavy enough to make me feel like I’m working out. Swimming would probably be best, but that means having the time to get there and spending the money on a place. Maybe yoga? Very low impact but really works you out. And you can get a DVD and do it at home. I have one if you want to try it.

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