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Checkup went well December 12, 2012

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Today’s checkup went well.  Tomorrow I start the next cycle of Xeloda at a reduced dose.  My doctor said we will start with one week on, one week off and increase to two weeks only if necessary.  I had bloodwork done today which should be in by Friday.  I had an extra week off the Xeloda so we will see if that effected the tumor marker.  Also no scans this month.  I was glad to hear this because it will be nice to enjoy the holidays without that extra stress.

I am on the train today, near Baltimore at the moment, on my way to Virginia for a work related computer training.  I rarely travel alone these days so it’s a bit strange.  I also packed a big bag of medications just in case.  Hoping not to need most of them.


2 Responses to “Checkup went well”

  1. Enjoy the business travel, its a vacation for you. Have a nice glass of wine at dinner or get a Mani/Pedi after class. Its your time. And we always travel with a big bag of medicines we almost never use so that doesn’t seem so strange to me (but then again my husband is a hypocondriac)

    Enjoy your you time!

  2. Aunt Amy Says:

    Good news! Have a great trip 🙂

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