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My life with metastatic breast cancer

Blood test results in December 14, 2012

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My blood test results are in and tumor markers are down another 60 points to 173. 🙂 Still anemic though. Enjoying my trip to Virginia, heading back to NJ tomorrow. Have a great day everyone.


For all the kids who love trains December 12, 2012

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My train is stopped now in Washington, D.C. to change engines and crews. I think maybe we are switching from Thomas to Percy. Haha. The power is out temporarily while they make the switch. Train is mostly empty now, only one more stop.


Checkup went well

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Today’s checkup went well.  Tomorrow I start the next cycle of Xeloda at a reduced dose.  My doctor said we will start with one week on, one week off and increase to two weeks only if necessary.  I had bloodwork done today which should be in by Friday.  I had an extra week off the Xeloda so we will see if that effected the tumor marker.  Also no scans this month.  I was glad to hear this because it will be nice to enjoy the holidays without that extra stress.

I am on the train today, near Baltimore at the moment, on my way to Virginia for a work related computer training.  I rarely travel alone these days so it’s a bit strange.  I also packed a big bag of medications just in case.  Hoping not to need most of them.


Quick update, hands are better December 9, 2012

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Just a quick update today.  My hands and feet are feeling a bit better.  Today I was able to do some cookie baking.  My three taste testers gave the chocolate chip cookies two thumbs up.  Brownie cookies and peanut butter kisses are in the plans for later this month.  Ethan wants to do sugar cookies too, but I may just cheat a bit and buy that dough.

Wednesday I have a checkup with the oncologist.  I don’t expect anything exciting to happen, but I will have blood tests to check on tumor markers plus my usual Xgeva shot for my bones.  Thursday I start chemo again with my reduced dose, 3000mg instead of 4000mg per day.

This week I travel to Virginia for a computer training for work.  I’m taking the train down so it should be a nice ride.  Hoping to catch up with my dad and stepmom, have dinner with friends, and maybe even get some much needed sleep.


Sorry for the multiple emails December 3, 2012

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I only started using a smart phone this summer and clearly I’m not very good at it yet.  Next time I’ll try using the quick video option, maybe that will work better.  I’ve uploaded the video to Facebook, so you can see it there.

I am feeling much better today, just your typical head cold kind of symptoms.  Back at work too.  Did some cooking and organizing this weekend.  Have a great day!