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Frankenstorm November 5, 2012

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Hello everyone.  Just checking in after Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm.  We had a rough week here in NJ.  Our power was out for about 4 days and it got down to 57 degrees in the house.  Fortunately there was little damage to the house; just a few shingles that blew off the roof and of course many tree branches strewn about the yard.  We spent much of last week on basic survival – washing dishes by hand, cooking on the gas stove, and cleaning up the yard.  The kids were a bit nervous about the storm, especially Ryan who kept crying for us to turn the lights on.  We ran a generator for the first few days to keep the refrigerator going and charge our phones.


The storm was much worse near the coast.  I hear that the news has been showing lots of pictures of mansions and amusement parks that were destroyed, but there are many working class people who have lost their homes or been displaced.  In my hometown of Keyport, both senior citizen buildings had to be evacuated to the elementary school due to storm damage.  Right next to Keyport is Union Beach – a lower middle class community that had terrible damage.  None of them have vacation homes or reality TV shows.  See a video of Union Beach after Hurricane Sandy here.


And of course cancer doesn’t stop when natural disaster hits.  Monday through Wednesday last week were my hand and foot side effect days.  I couldn’t keep ice packs cold so I had to rely more on Naprosyn and my various creams.  I start Xeloda again this Thursday, so last week I tried to reach the pharmacy to refill my prescription and found that their phones were down.  I called another local pharmacy and they told me my pharmacy was actually open, so I was able to go pickup the refill.  I suppose I should have refilled it before the storm started, but sometimes our insurance company won’t refill prescriptions if you still have too many pills left.


There were a few positives from the storm.  We got lots of family time.  I played many games of Uno with Ethan, the boys built a fort in the living room out of blankets, and we all worked together to clean up the yard.  After dark we couldn’t do any chores, watch TV, or get on the computer, so Mike and I had lots of time to just sit and talk or get some much needed extra sleep.  It was great to see people helping each other too.  Neighbors got milk for the boys and offered us a hot meal and warm home to visit.  The house next door to us still has no power, so Mike ran an extension cord across the yard so that they could plug in their refrigerator.  Also, trick or treating was too dangerous so one of my friends organized a really fun trunk or treating event for the kids.  Several families met at the school parking lot and passed out candy at their cars.  The kids had a great time.  When life gives you lemons…

Lord Garmadon (from Ninjago) and Optimus Prime at our trunk or treat.


10 Responses to “Frankenstorm”

  1. Kathy Clarke Says:

    Glad to read the good news. Now you and everyone else may be saying “GOOD NEWS”??? But it really is. When you watch the news and see the devastation many people have faced and are facing WE ARE ALL VERY LUCKY. i continue to pray for you and yours and look forward to seeing you all over the holidays.

  2. I’m glad you guys survived your forced retreat into the 19th century and even got to get quality family time. Santiago had the same reaction when we had our first power outage.

    And your right about Union Beach. It drives me nuts to see pictures of a roller coaster in the water but not the homes and wreakage you see near our hometown. That was these people 1st home, not their vacation home. And its gone. Thanks for posting and sharing that video. I wish more could see it.

  3. Cindy Says:

    I’m glad no harm came to you and your family. It is so hard to watch the videos- my prayers go out to all those families. Enjoy your much needed vacation in Fla.

  4. Aunty Mary Says:

    I hope you don’t mind if I shared the video, it is unbelievable! I’m so thankful you are safe.

  5. Becca Says:

    Truck or treat – what a great idea! I’ll have to remember that one. I was wondering how it would go with the kids. Remember, should it happen again – I’m only… oh… 8 or 9 hrs down the road 🙂

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