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Starting 3rd cycle – quick update October 25, 2012

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Hi everyone.  Just a quick update for you.   I’m starting the third cycle of Xeloda today.  Since it looks like it’s really working, I’m going to keep taking it for as long as it keeps working and the side effects don’t give me too much trouble.  The one week on/one week off treatment schedule was much easier.  I did start having some trouble with fatigue last weekend and I just crashed Monday and slept most of the day.  I called the doctor to have her review my bloodwork and she said that I’m slightly anemic, but it’s likely the fatigue is just a side effect of the drug.  I’m taking B-12 now and trying to get more protein and iron into my diet.  She also told me to get more rest and slow down.  Ha!  I’m going to try to aim to get to bed earlier a few nights a week, but we will see how that goes.


Earlier this week I got some lovely flowers from my college friends Missy and Alana to celebrate the good news on the tumor markers.  Thanks ladies!  I’ll post a picture soon.


Also, Tuesday we got our travel itinerary for our trip to Orlando.   Yippee!!  We have tickets for Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal/Islands of Adventure.  Our flight schedule is a little crazy because it’s a tough week for traveling from Newark to Orlando – all of the kids are off from school for the teacher’s convention.  We have a connection in Chicago on the flight there and one in St. Louis on the way home.  I’ll definitely be putting together lots of things to keep the kids busy.  The house that we’ll be staying in seems really nice.  Plus we’ll get to spend lots of time with my sister.  Should be a wonderful trip.


6 Responses to “Starting 3rd cycle – quick update”

  1. Jen Says:

    Sounds like a great time! If the house is close enough to the parks you can cut the day in half and take the kids (and you) back to the house for a nap! Thats what we did when we went, both kids and I passed out every time. xoxo

  2. Clarke, Wilford E Says:

    Good to hear. We are at the Marriott – where they are having a huge cancer event tonight! Love Dad @ Tina

  3. Becca Says:

    Hello there – I’m readin’, I’m listenin’, and I’m lovin’ what I “hear.” And I’d listen to Jen, if I were you – naps in the middle of vacation day fun are so luxurious and wonderful. In Orlando, if you find out what Butter Beer tastes like, please do let me know. 🙂

  4. Yeah! I’m so glad to hear the oral chemo is working and the new schedule is better too! And if you need any tips on flying with the kids or have any questions feel free to reach out. As you know I do a lot of flying and have gotten a good routine down at this point. Good luck!

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