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My life with metastatic breast cancer

The backstory July 28, 2012

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Recurrence – Stage IV Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in April 2012.  I had been having hip pain for a few weeks that was unrelieved by muscle relaxants and ibuprofen.  My tumor markers were elevated and subsequent CT scans and an MRI showed that the cancer had spread to my L hip.  There were also small tumors in my liver and lungs.  I was expecting to find cancer in my hip, but the liver and lung tumors were an unpleasant surprise to say the least.


After a liver biopsy to confirm the characteristics of the tumor, I began radiation to my hip and hormone treatment in May 2012.


Original Diagnosis- Stage IIIC

I was originally diagnosed with Stage IIIC breast cancer in October 2009.  Because I was pregnant at the time, we were unable to do many of the usual tests until after Ryan was born.  Ryan was born 7 weeks early.  Immediately after his birth, I also had a mastectomy and the placement of a port to make chemo easier.  Tests showed that the cancer had spread to the area under my arm, but not to any other locations in my body.  I had chemo from November to March, every six weeks.  This was a difficult time and I slept 12-15 hours most days.  In April/May 2010, I had 25 radiation sessions.  Then in October 2010, I had a 2nd mastectomy to try to reduce my risk of recurrence.

Me with Ryan in January 2010, about halfway through chemo.


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